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INMOTION App (for Android & IOS)

By downloading and installing this application you will be able to (depending on your model) :

  • Register as the owner of your INMOTION mobility device.
  • Customize the side LED light panels.
  • Customize vocal responses by installing the language and intonation you prefer or even create your own vocal set.
  • Access the telemetry information from the sensors, mileage and your check your driving efficiency mode.
  • Record videos with overlapping sensor data and geographical routes.
  • Share your experience and get support from the INMOTION community.
  • Enable the anti-theft lock protection.
  • Adjust the horizontal angle of the pedals, maximum speed, pedal hardness, turn lights on and off, horn and switch between driving and transport modes.

The INMOTION app is constantly being improved through new updates. With a single app you have control over all your INMOTION devices. During the included introduction class, we show you how to setup and use this application.

Note: INMOTION app needs Bluetooth and Internet access to work. If you are looking for an alternative app, we recommend EUC World. It still needs Internet access for the map section but other features do not require it.

Our devices interact with their drivers using sound effects or voice messages that can be tested, selected, downloaded and transferred to the vehicle using the Inmotion App.  We recommend to use the App in English and the English voice package, since they are better translated. However, they are not perfect.

1. If you want to change the sound/voice package for your device, you have to open the app with the device on, connected and with a reliable Internet access.

2. Enter to the setting section with the small round button on the top right corner.

App Inmotion Pantalla pricipal

3. Now select the button “Sound Configuration”.

App Inmotion Configuración

4. On this Gallery, you can test/choose among sound effect and voice packages. Most are available to be downloaded and then transferred to the vehicle. This is a process that take some time and may require to repeat in case the sounds failed to work.

App Inmotion galería de sonidos

5. With the top right tab “DIY” you can create  your own sound or voice  packages. You will find a list with a button in front of each message, allowing you to use the phone’s microphone to create your own record.

App Inmotion galería DIY

However, the table has not been translated…  Therefore we add here our own translation on the same order, for each voice message.

  #   Message
2See you
3Stand by
4Danger, please slow down
7Please, don’t touch me!
8Charging has started
9Charging has ended
10I am fully charged
11Light On
12Light Off
13Music Bluetooth connected
14Music Bluetooth disconnected
15Bluetooth connected
16Bluetooth disconnected
17Be careful
18Low battery
19Overload, please dismount
20Please repair
21Please, activate me

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